Alienware teases June 10th product reveals

Dell's Alienware division has already sent out invites to Neowin and other media outlets to attend a special event June 10th in Los Angeles. Now the company has launched a countdown website for that event, along with two teaser videos that offer glimpses of what Alienware will reveal next week as part of its E3 2013 activities.

The countdown website links to a section of Alienware's Facebook page, which reveals that there will also be a live video stream of the press event starting at 10 pm Eastern time on June 10th. The live stream will be available on, or with additional camera angles on the website.

The first teaser video seems to show either a new notebook or a new tablet-notebook hybrid; it's very hard to tell. It also appears to have a green-themed lighting scheme, although its more than possible that the light color can be customized.

The other teaser video shows an unnamed Alienware team member talking about how they want to evolve the design of their new PC products away from the "retro" Roswell UFO look into what they think the future will be like 50 or 100 years from now. Again, it's hard to tell exactly what Alienware has in mind, but we will be on the ground at LA during the event to give you all the details.

Source: Alienware countdown

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