Alpha Prime Goes Gold

The Black Element's official forums have the big announcement from the development team - the PC FPS Alpha Prime has gone gold and is now currently being readied for release in Czech and Polish versions with other languages (including English one assumes) being worked on now. Word is there will be a demo released for the game as well, both in English and other languages. No word on when, what the demo will include or if single and multiplayer will be included.

The game looks fairly impressive for a homegrown engine, very nice lighting and shadowing going on. The one video I've seen of the game recently also looked pretty good, though it was a bit "hiccup-y-ish" but that was probably thanks to Fraps or whatever being used to record it! But needless to say, with "bullet time", vehicles to drive and the obligatory physics and explosions the game looks on par with others in the genre, just without all the press releases and big interviews.

So head on over to the Alpha Prime website, check out the game and screenshots for the game. It looks like an interesting game to me, so I thought some of you might be interested in the news that it was gold and about to be shipped out. Especially since some of you Neowinians are from Europe and can get the game soon! I've also attached a couple of previews of the game from Worthplaying and the Firingsquad guys, so check them out as well.

Link: Alpha Prime Official Homepage | Alpha Prime Screenshot Index
Link: Black Elements "Gold" Announcement @ Official Forums
Link: Firingsquad Preview | Worthplaying Preview

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