Big Dark Messiah Patch News - CTF Being Added And More!

Thanks to Bluesnews and Voodoo Extreme for the heads up on this news.

As everyone else enjoys their new Playstation 3's or Nintendo Wii's or even the Xbox 360 this holiday season, PC Gamers get some action also. One of the recent big releases was Dark Messiah of Might and Magic a few weeks back, and now we get news that a big patch is being finished up that will bring the game to version 1.02 and add some great content, fix bugs and overall improve the game greatly (we hope). So here is the scoop - multiplayer will see CTF added to the mix, with two dedicated maps (CTF 1 and CTF 2, original I know) and along with the new game mode comes other changes. Including big optimizations for lower end machines, all of the other multiplayer maps were recompiled to fix errors and optimize them, class skills were changed/altered and balanced out a bit (including Mages) and lots of other changes.

But there are also singleplayer fixes and changes coming as well. Some of those include a new difficulty level named "Hardcore" along with NPC's being rebalanced for all difficulty levels to make the later portion of the game a bit harder. Other changes/fixes include several memory leaks plugged, NPC crashes fixed, low performance on 6800 series video cards fixed, fixes for FX cards, the final boss was rebalanced, and many other changes and fixes to list here.

Needless to say, I'm sure Dark Messiah fans are very much looking forward to the 1.02 patch, I know I am. Although the bulk of the patch is geared for the multiplayer side of the game, the singleplayer portion gets some loving also, so its all good. Head on over to the official Dark Messiah link and check out all the changes and fixes. They are all listed right on the front page for all to see.

Link: Might and Magic Homepage
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