Amazon opens 3D printing store, sells customizable stuff

Amazon has sure come a long way from their roots as an online bookstore. They've since expanded to sell everything from music to groceries and everything in between. The company even produces their own hardware now, including the Fire Phone and the set-top Fire TV, expanding into almost every aspect of what a customer may want to purchase.

Today the company is adding something else to their store: The ability for customers to purchase items printed from a 3D printer, and customized for each individual customer. The new "3D Printing Store" sells a variety of unique items, including bobbleheads made to look like you, tiny plastic swords where you design the color, blade, hilt, grip, and pommel, and various phone cases.

It looks like most of the items are not sold through Amazon directly, but rather through third parties like Mixee Labs and 3DLT, companies that specialize in creating and selling printed items. Currently, Amazon appears to be the middleman for these companies, but we suspect if demand is high that they'll start running their own printers, although we doubt that 3D printed guns will be for sale anytime in the near future.

In addition to the items themselves, the store also includes books and software, such as AutoCAD, that assist in using the printing technology.

Source: Amazon | Image via Amazon

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