Amazon's eero routers add support for Apple's HomeKit smart home system

Eero, an Amazon-owned home wifi system company, announced today that its routers have been updated with support for Apple’s HomeKit smart home system. The update integrates eero routers with Apple’s Home app in order to allow you to have more control over your internet-connected HomeKit accessories.

To make use of the new feature, simply download the eero app for iOS from the App Store and open the Discover tab. Then follow the guide for setting up your eero devices with the Home app. The advantage of this integration is flexibility in terms of adjusting the security settings for each HomeKit accessory. This can be used to prevent these accessories from communicating with other devices connected to your home network as well as block unauthorized online services.

There are three security levels that you can pick to limit internet connectivity for every smart home device:

Automatic: allows an accessory to communicate to the devices and services approved by its manufacturer, preventing access by unauthorized services.

Restrict to Home: allows an accessory to communicate only to HomeKit on your Apple devices. You will be able to manage your accessories through the Home app, but this may reduce some functionality, such as firmware updates.

No restriction: allows an accessory to communicate with every device in your home, and any website or service on the internet, much like other devices on your home network.

Keep in mind that HomeKit will complement eero’s existing security features, which will continue to work even if you use Apple's smart home system. HomeKit is supported on all eero, eero Pro, and eero Beacon devices that run eeroOS 3.18.0 or later.

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