America's Army: Special Forces (Q-Course) 2.40 released

The United States Army announced today that they have released version 2.40 of America's Army: Special Forces, named Q-Course. This new version has many new features and upgrades, and as such requires a full 876 MB installation. There will be no patch made available. This new version moves America's Army to Unreal Engine 2.5, along with random spawns and objectives in the new maps. 4 new maps are included, all Special Forces maps, and 2 new weapons (including the M141 Bunker Defeat Munitions). New carryable objectives, and random extraction points are also added in.

Since space is limited I will just post the two new weapons:

M141 Bunker Defeat Munitions (BDM): The M141 BDM, or Bunker Defeat Munitions, is a shoulder-fired rocket designed to defeat fortified positions, bunkers, and light armor. The BDM is given to the 18C SF MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) Soldier (Engineering Sgt.) but can be used by any member of the SF A-Team. The BDM can be used anywhere, but will have specific targets designed as objectives or obstacles. These specific targets will be identified by a HUD message that will appear when the player's crosshair moves over the object. The BDM can be an advantageous tool to use in order to tactically and efficiently gain entry into the enemy's compound.

AGP-DB14 Door Breacher: The Door Breacher is an explosive device designed to achieve entry on locked or un-operable doors. Another MOS- specific weapon, the Door Breacher will be issued only to the 18C SF MOS Soldier (Engineering Sgt.). The Door Breacher will be usable on designated locked doors in the new missions. The player will be able to identify valid targets by a Breachable' message that will appear on the player's HUD. The Door Breaching can be an advantageous tool to use in order to tactically and efficiently gain entry into enemy restricted areas.

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News source: Bluesnews

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