Apple drops iPod prices hours before media event

With Apple's media event mere hours away, there are a ton of rumors flying as to what the announcements will include. Of course, the iPod range is expected to get a revamp, as it customary with every September in the world of Apple, though it's unclear what else will happen. Regardless of what happens, the Cupertino-based company is already preparing, as Gizmodo reported, through the form of cutting current device prices.

The price drops have happened in the United States Apple Store, as you can see here, though some have noticed cuts in other regions too. We've included a run-down of the drops below:

  • 8GB iPod touch: $229 cut to $189
  • 16GB iPod touch: $299 cut to $249
  • 32GB iPod touch: $399 cut to $279
  • 8GB iPod nano: $129
  • 16GB iPod nano: $149
  • iPod classic: $249 cut to $229
This is a fairly good indicator that new iPods will, indeed, be out tomorrow, though that's an obvious one. Keep an eye out in less than 6 hours as Neowin'll have the announcements listed here on the site, if you're curious.

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