Apple Expected to Preview Next OS X on Monday

San Francisco (Reuters) - Steve Jobs, co-founder and chief executive of Apple Computer Inc. AAPL.O , on Monday will likely preview the next version of Apple's OS X operating system, financial analysts said. Analysts who follow Apple also expect the computer maker to dish out details of a faster microprocessor for the Macintosh.

Apple officials were not immediately available to comment. Apple has said, however, that it will preview the next version of OS X, code-named Panther, before releasing it. Analysts expect it to contain significant refinements of what is already regarded as a stable, reliable and sleek operating system.

As for a refreshed Macintosh microprocessor, a faster chip made by International Business Machines Corp. could help close what has been called the "gigahertz gap" between Apple's PowerPC chips and those from Intel Corp.

News source: Reuters

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