Apple launches new trade-in program for iPhones, re-opens Fifth Avenue store

Apple had a lot of news to share about its upcoming products and services today, but there are also changes coming to its retail Apple stores. The company announced a couple of new in-store experiences for customers.

For starters, there's the new Apple Watch Studio, which lets users pair any casing and any band of their choice when buying an Apple Watch. Currently, though you can switch the bands on the watch by yourself, you'll need to buy them separately if you don't like the ones included with your Apple Watch. With this new program, you can choose your preferred style as soon as you buy it.

For iPhones, there's a new trade-in program, which lets you get discounts on the new iPhone models if you trade in an older one. How much you save naturally depends on the device you trade in, but some examples include getting the new iPhone 11 for $399 (instead of $699) if you trade-in an iPhone 8, or the iPhone 11 Pro for $599 (instead of $999) if you trade in an iPhone Xs.

Not only that, the new trade-in program still lets you pay a monthly fee for your new iPhone if you want to. For the examples mentioned above, you can get the iPhone 11 for $17 per month, or the 11 Pro for $25 per month.

Finally, Apple announced that it's re-opening its Fifth Avenue store, with an expanded park and an all-new interior. It's been redesigned, and it's now taller and larger, making it twice as big as before, and the largest Apple store in the world. It'll re-open on September 20, in time for the new product launches announced today.

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