Civilization VI's latest update adds a nuke-filled battle royale mode

Battle royale has reached the Civilization series, with Firaxis releasing today a new free update for Civilization VI that introduces a last faction standing multiplayer mode named Red Death. For those wondering how will the turn-based strategy gameplay work with battle royale, the studio's handy (and very serious) video explaining the mode can be seen above.

Up to 12-players can jump into the Red Death mode, where the world is ending and only one escape pod off the planet is remaining, and new factions - Cultists, Doomsday Preppers, Wanderers, Borderlords and others - are fighting over that. There is, of course, a circle that players will need to stay away from, as it shrinks in size every few turns, pushing the remaining players inward for more action.

There isn't any city or unit building in this fast-paced mode as expected, with players needing to clear city ruins or raider camps to gain new units, which have all new promotion trees. If the civilian unit of any of these factions happens to perish, that is the end for that player. Also, even though Gandhi doesn't seem to be there, nuclear weaponry is.

Firaxis says that a "typical match" of Red Death can last 15 to 50 minutes depending on the player amount and skill levels. This is certainly a far cry from the dozens of hours spanning campaigns players go on in the regular mode.

The update carries some balance changes to the regular 4X Civilization VI mode as well, such as stronger coastal cities, an extra policy card slot for Tier 4 Governments, and bonus changes to Great Admirals, among others.

The Civilization VI – September 2019 Update is now live on Steam, see the full changelog here.

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