Apple may do away with LCD panels in its 2020 iPhones

Apple's 2020 iPhones may not offer an LCD option if a new report from The Wall Street Journal is to be believed. According to sources familiar with the matter, the Cupertino giant could go all-out with OLED panels in next year's iPhone models.

The news comes as part of a larger report detailing the financial trouble afflicting Japan Display, a company which has typically provided the LCD panels for Apple's iPhones. According to the article, most of the manufacturer's revenue in the year ending in March 2018 came from Apple, but as the iPhone maker is moving away from LCDs, Japan Display is in a bit of a crisis.

Apple has typically used LCD panels, which it refers to as Retina, for the majority of its devices but the iPhone X, released in 2017, was the first to feature OLED displays. In 2018, only the iPhone Xr had an LCD, and that phone is said to be falling short of expectations, which means even more trouble for Japan Display. The situation is only bound to get worse if Apple ditches the LCD models altogether.

The poor performance of last year's iPhone models has been made very clear not only by Apple itself but also by numerous reports detailing the impact of the low sales in component manufacturers' financial results. Though rumors have hinted at some improvements in this year's iPhones, it remains to be seen if they managed to turn things around for the company and its partners.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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