Apple Music is coming to Samsung Smart TVs today

Today, Samsung announced that it's bringing an Apple Music app to its Smart TVs, marking the first time that the service has been available on a third-party TV solution. It's available today on all models made from 2018 to present.

"Our goal has always been to deliver the best entertainment experiences to consumers – and as people spend more time at home, we are more committed to that mission than ever," said Salek Brodsky, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development for Samsung Electronics. "Last year, we were the first TV manufacturer to offer the Apple TV app, and today, we are the first to offer Apple Music. Our partnership with Apple has been instrumental in bringing consumers an unparalleled lineup of different entertainment options, especially as they seek out more content choices from their Smart TVs."

This isn't the first time that Apple has partnered with Samsung to bring its services to third-party products. Back at CES 2019, Apple stole the show without even being there by announcing that it was making an iTunes app for Samsung TVs that would let you play your movies and TV shows.

Apple also expanded access to its services even further last week when Apple Music for the web came out of beta. Now, anyone can access it from any device, making the family plan more viable for families that have a diverse range of devices.

The Apple TV app is available now, and you can get it from the Samsung Smart TV App Store.

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