Apple plans to give podcasts their own iOS app

iOS 6 will be launched later this fall by Apple (along with, most likely, the next version of the iPhone). Apple revealed a lot about what it has planned for iOS 6 at its WWDC event earlier this week. However, one feature that went unannounced was a plan to take the podcast listing out of the iOS 6 version of iTunes.

According to, via unnamed sources, podcasts will get their own app when iOS 6 is publicly released for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Podcasts have always had something of an awkward placement on iTunes but having a dedicated podcast app should allow users to more easlier find, download and play their favorite podcasts (like our own NeoGamr show).

People who download and listen to podcasts on iTunes via their Windows or Mac PCs will still find that they will be a part of Apple's client. Apple has yet to officially comment on these reports.

The article points out that in 2011, iOS 5 saw the video and music portions of iTunes broken up into two separate apps. There's also a rumor, again unconfirmed by Apple, that iTunes U will also get its separate app for the iOS launch.


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