Apple to Debut LCD iMac Monday (updated)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to announce a new iMac in his two-hour Macworld keynote on Monday. Details of the machine were inadvertently revealed early by Time Canada.

While specifications of the new iMac are slim, it includes a 15-inch LCD display attached to a half-sphere base via movable arm. Also included is the higher-speed G4 processor that is used in Apple's professional machines, along with a DVD burner. Prices will range from $1,299 USD for the entry-level model to $1,799 USD for the high-end model.

The current 3-year-old iMac models with a slower G3 processor range from $799 to $1,499 USD. The new iMac design has been in the works for over two years, according to Time. Jobs envisions the new iMac to serve as a "digital hub," with consumers using the computer to easily connect complex devices, such as MP3 players and digital cameras.

Apple's secrecy about upcoming product announcements has led to a large amount of speculation in the Mac community, and the early posting of details surrounding the new iMac is likely to upset Jobs. Mac rumor sites are additionally reporting that a PowerMac G4 system with a 1GHz or faster processor may be unveiled tomorrow. Also rumored to be announced is a new digital consumer device.

Click here to see the new iMac

News source: Betanews

View: Time Canada | Apple's New Core

Image: Click here to see the new iMac

[Updated] Time has now made available the article that everyone has been going nuts over. Grab yourself a view of the new iMacwith the new look iDVD, iPhoto, iTunes and iMovie. And finally, SpyMac has scans of the actual Time magazine article.

News source: Time - Apple's New Core, with Timeline - The Man and His Machine

View: SpyMac - Scans of Time article "Apple's New Core"

Pictures of Apple's New Core - The New iMac with - iDVD - iPhoto - iTunes and iMovie

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