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AppSnap 1.3.0 pre2

AppSnap is an application that simplifies installation of software. It automatically figures out the latest version, downloads the installer and then installs the software in one seamless step. AppSnap is primarily designed for Windows which does not have any decent package manager such as APT and RPM as in the Linux world.

** Features **

* Detect latest version of supported applications
* Download, install, upgrade and uninstall
* Fully functional GUI and CLI
* Manage installed and upgradeable applications
* Manage AppSnap updates from within itself
* Update growing application database from central repository
* Create single application repository to be used by AppSnap on an intranet
* Support proxy configurations
* Parallel downloads with progress information
* Filter applications by category and keywords
* Free and Open Source


- GUI Enhancements -

* AppSnap is now localizable.
* A French translation has been added courtesy Gonzague Dambricourt.
* A Danish translation has been added courtesy Søren Pedersen.
* Moved text "Filter" into the filter box to save space on the GUI.
* Added a "Help" icon to the GUI which opens the HTML documentation.

- Internal Improvements -

* Zipped applications with no installer can now be deployed.
* AppSnap maintains a copy of the database in the cache directory since it is an essential part of the application repository.
* Added preinstall, postinstall, preuninstall and postuninstall directives to allow executing custom commands to assist the install/uninstall process.
* In db.ini, the following are now optional: instparam, chinstdir, uninstall and uninstparam.
* AppSnap now limits the number of threads spawned in parallel depending upon the number of network connections configured in config.ini.
* Internal code cleanup : move numeric limits to defines.py, return unique return values depending on error
* Moved entire AppSnap documentation into a TiddlyWiki based appsnap.html. Deleted entire "docs" folder and updated build.py and appsnapsetup.nsi to package this HTML file instead of the text files.

- Bug Fixes -

* Fixed a bug where latest.ini creation was failing on a fresh install since the cache directory did not exist. Reported by gabmatri. Also added error checking for all file writes.
* Fixed a bug where update DB on the GUI was not reloading correctly.
* Fixed font bug reported by gabmatrix (issue 25) where AppSnap was loading the wrong font for the application name if Office 2007 was installed.
* Fixed a drawing bug reported by gabmatrix (issue 22) where application details were disappearing on choosing a different category.
* Fixed a regex bug in uninstall where msiexec calls were getting garbled.
* Fixed a bug where writes to latest.ini were not being serialized.
* PyCurl is now instructed to try all proxy authentication schemes instead of NTLM only.
* Fixed a bug where the proxy server information was not being parsed correctly if the port was skipped or protocol information was specified.
* Fixed a bug with hyperlinks (issue 21) not working correctly on some configurations.
* Fixed bug in unzip where creating a new directory was failing if the directory was in use or already existed.

- Scrape Fixes -

* Fixed DVD-Flick to install to defined directory.
* Fixed Songbird scrape and filename.
* Fixed K-Lite scrape.
* Fixed Blender3D version search to exclude release candidates.
* Fixed Paint.NET scrape since it is now a zipped installer.

Download: AppSnap 1.3.0 pre2 freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here
AppSnap Home Page

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