ATI Catalyst 10.12

AMD released version 10.12 of their ATI video card driver package.

The AMD Catalyst™ software suite 10.12 contains the following:

  • AMD display driver version 8.801
  • HydraVision™ for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Southbridge/IXP Driver
  • AMD Catalyst™ Control Center version 8.801
New Features:
  • Support for DivX on the AMD Radeon 6800 Series
  • Support for OpenGL 4.1
  • AMD Stream 2.3 SDK release

Resolved Issues for the Windows 7 Operating System:

  • DivX interlaced content no longer intermittently shows corruption.
  • Tom Clancy’s Endwar no longer randomly hangs during game cutscenes.
  • Crossfire no longer gets randomly disabled in some games after task switching.
  • Random black streaks are no longer seen on menus in Metro 2033.
  • Corruption is no longer randomly seen with certain graphical settings in F1 2010.
  • Screen is now rendered correctly in Splinter Cell Conviction with Crossfire enabled.
  • Random tearing is no longer observed when playing back XVID video files on an extended display.
  • Random crashes are no longer observed when playing the Stone Giant DX11 Demo when Crossfire enabled.
  • Random crashes are no longer observed when changing video settings in Supreme Commander 2.
  • Need for Speed Shift no longer displays random corruption during game play if 2 races are played consecutively without exiting the game.
  • WMV playback no longer goes blank occasionally after switching from 32bit to 16bit color.
  • Random mouse cursor corruption is no longer seen
  • The screen is does not intermittently display garbage when running 3dMark06.
  • Dragon Age Origins no longer hangs intermittently during gameplay.
  • Changing resolutions in Starcraft2 with forced AA no longer causes random application crashes.
  • The desktop does not darken occasionally after exiting Eve Online.
  • The desktop does not dim randomly after exiting Mafia II on some Radeon 4890 products.

 View: Release notes
 Download: ATI Catalyst 10.12 driver

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