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Bethesda starts pre-orders on a 'real' Pip Boy this time, but it'll cost you

When Fallout 4 was originally announced last year, Bethesda made some waves among its fans with the inclusion of a “Pip Boy” device in a special edition of the game. Unfortunately, fans were quickly disappointed to find out that this was barely anything more than a glorified phone case, that you could stick to your arm. But this year Bethesda is trying to do better, and has now unveiled a “real” Pip Boy.

The new device no longer relies on a smartphone; instead it comes with its own screen and hardware, and can work separately from your phone. However, it does also still connect to your smart device via Bluetooth which then allows you to place calls, play audio files, handle SMS messages and get access to your contacts.

The device also comes with a “genuine RobCo Industries stand” that doubles as a charging base and a speaker. The stand also has a USB port hidden in its base.

The build quality is also improved with Bethesda making the new Pip Boy lighter and more comfortable than its predecessor, while also ensuring that all the knobs and wheels on the device turn and have a function.

As mentioned above, even when not connected to a smartphone the new Pip Boy is capable of a few tricks: including being an alarm clock, a very cool cosplay accessory and continuously displaying your Status, Special and Perks screens from the game.

While fans may be very excited to get their hands on one of these new Pip Boys, there are some big caveats: the Pip Boy is priced at $350, with only 5000 units available in total, and orders are limited at two per customer, in the US, Canada and Australia.

The Pip Boy will go on sale on November 11th this year, but you might want to pre-order the device right now on Bethesda’s website.

Source: Bethesda via: Ubergizmo

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