Big Changes to PlanetSide Coming?

Over the past several hours, unidentified objects have been spotted streaking across the Auraxis sky. The origin of these objects is unknown, but they appear to be organic. The surface of the planet Auraxis has also experienced very abnormal seismic activity. A possible explanation could be the magnetic fields between the heavenly objects and the core of Auraxis, but we can't be sure yet.

With the frequency and velocity of the objects increasing, scientists are now predicting a level 4 impact over the next several hours, with possible greater impacts over the next three days. One theory suggests that if enough of the objects make impact with the planet, the magnetic fields of the core could reverse causing drastic changes to Auraxis as we know it. Empire Representatives will maintain a stream of communication over the course of these phenomena through the PlanetSide Empire Forums.

Planetside is a PC-based massively multiplayer title from Sony Online Entertainment. More news can be found at

News source: GameZone

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