Blackberry leaked videos show a cool mobile future


Want to see the vision of the future as conceived of by Research in Motion and its Blackberry brand? Now you can with two leaked videos that have been posted up at the web site. The report said these videos briefly appeared on an online portfolio site before they were locked out.

The two videos are based on Blackberry's future products being used for businesses as well as consumers. They show some cool looking concepts such as a user interface that expands outside the case of a future Blackberry phone. The video doesn't explain exactly how this is done but it does show users manipulating the icons and apps outside the phone via touch. Very Minority Report.

The videos also show the smartphone linking up to a PC in some way, complete with a big PC monitor with a full touch screen interface. We think that big flat screen monitors that have such technology could be under development as we speak (Apple's rumored television project, perhaps?).  We wouldn't be surprised to see such a product announced and demoed in the near future.


Considering that RIM hasn't had the best of times lately (online outages, the sales failure of the Playbook), we are still skeptical that any of these future products and devices will ever be made by the company. But it could give other companies some ideas about how the evolution of smartphones, touch screen interfaces and applications could take shape in the future.

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