Blackberry online services slowly being restored

The widespread online outages that have caused Blackberry users around the world massive frustration for the past three days are starting to be corrected. reports via a spokesperson for Research in Motion that email services are now working worldwide, although the system is still working through a massive backlog of emails. The company also said that web surfing and messaging are now working for North American and Latin American customers. However, those same online features are still unavailable for Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The problems began on Monday when some parts of the world, including Europe, the Middle East and Asia were unable to access email, text messages or surf the Internet on their Blackberry based phones. The problem was fixed later that day but the outages started again on Tuesday and spread to parts of South America.

Today, the outages started affecting some of Blackberry's North American customers. reports that during a conference call today, RIM's chief technology officer David Yach didn't give a time frame for these issues to be completely fixed. He also didn't say whether RIM would offer any compensation for the outages to Blackberry users.

Some people have speculated that Blackberry's online problems might be due to an attack from outside the company, but RIM has said there is no evidence to indicate that has indeed taken place. The company is sticking to its story that the problems began on Monday with the failure of a core switch in its infrastructure which was complicated by the fact that the switch's redundancy also failed.

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