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Britney, 'NSync to play on tiny DVDs

Start-up DataPlay said Tuesday that it has signed a deal with independent label Zomba Recording to offer new albums by artists such as Britney Spears and 'NSync on miniature discs.

Boulder, Colo.-based DataPlay calls its technology "the world's smallest DVD-R." It makes discs that are about the size of a quarter and can hold five to 11 hours of music, or three to five albums. Unlike Sony's MiniDiscs for music, DataPlay's discs can also store film, e-books, photos and videos.

DataPlay said its personal digital recorder is expected to launch in May and cost between $299 and $369. Prerecorded discs will be priced about the same as a CD. Blank discs will cost between $5 and $12

News source: ZDNet News

View: DataPlay Pres Release - Zomba records to release major artists on DataPlay

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