Cabos 0.7.6

Cabos is Gnutella file sharing program based on LimeWire and Acquisition. It is free software, no spyware, no adware. It provides simple interface, multi languages support, and iTunes / iPod integration. What an enjoyable experience it is to use peer-to-peer software without adware or nagware, and to even be able to change preference settings repeated without attempted changes invoking an instant crash. Cabos handles memory extremely well, which is probably why it is so stable, and resume actually works, unlike attempts to resume downloads on LimeWire and Acquisition, which rarely yields results. Cabos Core is written in Java, and GUI is written in REALbasic. Cabos is clean, easy to use, and very fast.

What's New:

  • Updated Simplified Chinese Localization (thanks! > forest he).
  • Fixed dead lock at ip2country code.
  • Fixed downloading error if java does not have the permission to write download folder.
  • Added "Show file size in bytes" preference.
  • Added "Filter Results" menu item.
  • Added [delete] short cut key for "Mark As Spam".
  • Added [double click] action to perform query in the sidebar.
  • Improved performance in search result view.
  • Improved performance of "Find More Sources" function.
  • Imported ip2country code from "Phex" Gnutella file sharing servant.
  • Changed spin icon in the sidebar.
  • Newly created query's result filter will be disabled.
Download Cabos 0.7.6: Windows Version | Mac Version
Link: Home Page

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