Call of Duty: Finest Hour latest

Could this be the best console WWII-'em-up yet? Wartastic new screens within...

It's all-too-easy to feel jaded by the seemingly endless barrage of war games these days but, based on what we've seen of it so far, Call of Duty: Finest Hour could yet make us eager to storm back into virtual combat. We first saw the World War II console outing - a completely different game to the original PC Call of Duty, incidentally - at this year's E3, where its Stalingrad level impressed with its grimly authentic sense of battlefield panic.

The latest tank-based demo that we've seen of the game offered less in the way of immediate visceral thrills, although it did go to show that there's more to the game than just running round like a loon, trying not to get shot. That said, with the first-person letterbox view through the tank's peephole and the incredible noise of the battle going on around you, there's a real sense of panic and claustrophobia.

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