Canada is peacefully making its way to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Firaxis has announced Canada to be the latest civilization heading to Civilization VI as part of the Gathering Storm expansion, joining The Maori and Hungary. Being led by Wilfrid Laurier, Canada will be a very snow terrain focused faction that will give war orientated players a difficult time.

The Last Best West arrives as Laurier's leader ability, which lets Canadian cities make use of Tundra terrain - and even Tundra Hills following Civil Engineering - to build farms. Any snow and tundra tiles will also be 50% cheaper to purchase, while extracting resources like iron from these tiles will double the yield.

Canada cannot start surprise wars against other civilizations and is also prohibited from going to war with any city-state as part of its Four Faces of Peace national ability. However, this ability goes both ways, as opponents can't also declare surprise wars on Canada. Participating in the expansion's new emergencies and scored competitions will also generate additional diplomatic favor to Canada.

Canada isn't without defenses, however, as the modern era unit Mountie arrives as its unique unit. These units can build national parks and becomes stronger when fighting near one.

And finally, players will be able to build Ice Hockey Rinks as Canada's unique infrastructure, which grants the civilization extra appeal, culture, and amenities for any snow and tundra tiles surrounding it. It will also provide tourism, production, food, and culture bonuses as the civilization advances through the technology tree.

Canada will be one of the eight new civilizations incoming to the game with the Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion on February 14 alongside a multitude of new gameplay features.

Source: Civilization

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