CES 2017: The Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass Screen Protector will change your life

I think that it's safe to say that no one actually likes putting a screen protector on their phones. Cheaper ones can distort the display, some of them don't fit properly, and if you're not good at putting them on, you'll be left with bubbles under them. Also, the outline of the screen protector around the display is just unsightly. People do it because they feel that they need to.

That's why the First-Defense Liquid Glass Screen Protector caught my eye at CES 2017. This screen protector isn't a sheet of glass or plastic that you place on your phone at all; you just have to wipe it down with the supplies in the package. First, you wipe the device down with a cleaner, and then the chemical that protects the screen.

Once that's done, the chemical bonds to the glass and Qmadix says it will have 9H hardness, which is the same as sapphire. You can see from the video that I allowed them to put it on my iPhone 7 Plus - which I was very skeptical to do at first - but once he was done, you wouldn't be able to tell that something is protecting the screen, and if anything, it looks better.

It will cost $39.99, which might seem steep, but to me, it seems like a small price to pay to get protection on an expensive device. Personally, I hate regular screen protectors to the point where I don't use them, so that price seems fair. It even comes with $100 worth of insurance, which obviously won't be enough to replace your expensive phone, but it might be enough to replace your screen if it still breaks.

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