Chris Pirillo Breaks up with Windows Vista

Pirillo: Windows Vista I'm breaking up with you. No, seriously. When I know I have time, I'm "upgrading" from Windows Vista to Windows XP.

I stand by my original assertion that the shipping version of this OS is late beta, at best. I realize that other enthusiasts are leaving Windows altogether (and leaping instead to Apple's OS X), but there's not yet enough momentum behind my willingness to do that. I'll leave the installs of Vista 32 and 64 on this PC, but I'll spend most (if not all) of my time back in tried-and-true Windows XP.

I'll give Vista a second chance when the first service pack is released later this year, but until then...

  1. My scanner doesn't really work. The software hasn't caught up yet, and won't be available until SP1 time-frame. The software works like a charm in XP - amazingly well, as a matter of fact.
  2. Windows Movie Maker crashes on a regular basis.
  3. My IPFax software doesn't work (the driver will likely never be updated to be Vista-compliant). Never, EVER caused me a problem in XP. I need this software to work, and dual-booting to use it is not an option. 0
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Follow up: Chris gets lynched for his decision (not by me I might add..)

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