Confirmed: iPhone definitely coming to Verizon

Fortune has uttered the words that the blogosphere has been waiting to hear for a long time now.

"Fortune has confirmed that a Verizon iPhone will be released in early 2011."

For as long as most can remember, rumors of a CDMA iPhone have been circulating through every news outlet known to man. With the release of the iPhone 4, bloggers were sure that a Verizon version would be announced as well. However, after being disappointed over and over people began to wonder if Apple and AT&T's exclusivity deal was still in effect.

Well, rest assured you Verizon chum. The iPhone is on its way. The question, however, remains--is it too late?

Verizon has been, arguably, one of the strongest advocates for Android lately. In fact, they have an entire line of phones (Droid) dedicated to the open source OS. Combining Android with high spec'd phones seems to be one of the best things Verizon has going for them. One could even wonder if a Verizon iPhone would cannibalize Verizon Android sales.

So, is there room for an iPhone on Big Red? Probably so. The world is still a big fan of the iPhone. Regardless of all the beatings the iPhone 4 has taken in the media, people still associate smartphones with Apple. Apple changed the way we use phones for the better. Even if (or when) Android takes over the market, the iPhone will probably never disappear. For Apple, inking a deal with Verizon means a chance to pick up additional market share. The one-phone-one-carrier model that it's been using in the US isn't enough to sustain adequate growth in today's competitive market.

The Verizon iPhone is a win-win-win. Consumers will benefit by not having to switch to AT&T for the iPhone, Verizon will gain plenty of new subscribers, and Apple will finally be able to reach the customers of the number one carrier in the US. The year 2011 is surely going to be one to watch closely. The smartphone wars just keep getting better and better--don't they?

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