Crash nearly any OS X app by typing 'File:///'

Here is a bit of news that will leave you scratching your head for anyone that uses OS X Mountain Lion. If you type "File:///" (without the quotes) into nearly any app, it will cause the app to crash. This odd bug has been confirmed by Neowin and we have managed to crash Spotify, Tweetbot, Notes and a bunch of other applications too.

The bug has been reported to Apple and we must admit, it is quite odd how a bug like this went unnoticed for so long. Seeing as the text string affects nearly all applications, we do wonder what is truly causing the issue.

To make this text string kill an application, open up nearly any app and type the text into any field and make sure you use a capital F. After completing the string, most applications will lock-up or crash instantly. 

We are sure that Apple will likely patch this bug fairly quickly although, it seems that not every application is affected with some programs, like Gimp, not crashing after entering the mysterious text.

As a fun aside, we accidentally crashed Chrome three times while writing this post using the above string.

Source: 9to5mac

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