Crysis 2 returns to Steam's library

In June, Crytek's sci-fi shooter sequel Crysis 2 was removed from sale from the Steam download service. Now the game has been re-released on Steam in a new version called the Crysis 2 Maximum Edition that contains both the original game and its two post-release DLC packs for $39.99.

If you happen to have purchased and downloaded the original Crysis 2 before it was pulled from Steam, you can now get the Maximum Edition for 50 percent off its normal price until June 12th.

So what happened to bring Crysis 2 back to Steam?  The game's publisher Electronic Arts is being pretty vague, telling Kotaku in a statement, "Changes made by Crytek to Crysis 2: Maximum Edition have brought the game in compliance with Steam's terms of service."

EA launched its own Origin PC game download service as a rival to Steam in 2011. Since then, major EA PC game releases such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 have not appeared on sale on Steam, which is by far the largest PC game download service in terms of registered users.

Meanwhile, Crytek is planning to release the next game in the series, Crysis 3, in early 2013.

Source: Steam | Image via Crytek

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