DayZ could become stand alone game by end of 2012

In April, a programmer named Dean Hall released a mod for the 2009 military shooter ArmA II called DayZ. The mod, which put players in a highly realistic environment populated by zombies, became a viral hit and caused sales of the original ArmA II to skyrocket.

The DayZ mod now has over 800,000 registered players, according to a new article in Now Hall is busy working on a plan to launch a stand alone game based on DayZ. He states:

I want to see it become a standalone game, following the Minecraft model of a low price point, but that will only work if we say that everyone is going to pay, and in order for people to not feel ripped off we need to have a load of new content; so, things like base-building, tidying and cleaning up animations and add ragdoll physics as the like.

Hall believes that the stand alone version of DayZ can be ready to launch before Christmas 2012, provided he can get financial backing. He claims that he has received a number of investment offers. He's also been talking with ArmA II developer Bohemia Interactive. It's likely that Bohemia would like to keep Hall and DayZ to themselves, since the mod has certainly helped to boost the developer's financial status.


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