Deer Hunter 2005 Demo

There is a playable demo for Deer Hunter 2005, allowing you to try out the upcoming next installment in the long running hunting action series by Southlogic Studios and Atari. This demo contains a training map and a hunting area set in Illinois.

Game Limitations:

  • The hunter cannot use items while on riding the horse or ATV.

  • Hills will appear to change shape at long distance in the lower video settings.

  • The game does not automatically download skins made by other players in online matches.

  • Hands and weapons clip into some stands and tripods.

  • There is no "bullet cam" in online games. There is also no bullet cam for anything except for rifles and slug-shelled shotguns.

  • The hunter will pass through some of the smaller rocks.

  • There are no animations for setting up stands and tripods, using scents, placing food or calls on the ground, or watching the camera.

  • Deer pass through some objects, such as fences.
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