Dell tech support caught offering "daily drawing" to users

When you buy a PC from a big company, you are supposed to receive quality tech support for your purchase. Unfortunately, in the real world, tech support can often be an exercise in frustration. In fact, it can get even worse.

Laptop Magazine's website has posted up an article where it conducted an investigation into Dell's telephone tech support practices. The article concentrated on three specific instances where a Dell tech support operator would try to push the user into purchasing an expensive "premium" warranty to fix problems that would be covered under the normal warranty of a Dell laptop.

One incident in particular caught our eye. In call to ask a Dell tech support person on how they could extend their battery life in their laptop, the employee told the user that he had "won" a "daily drawing" that would give that user a four year extended warranty. Oh, it's not for free. Dell said this "drawing" would cost the person a whopping $317.

When told about this tech support call, Dell said, "Daily drawings are not a regular practice nor encouraged tactic in technical support and we have used your feedback to reinforce this with our teams. Their only priority is to resolve our customers’ issues." However, we are concerned that the phrase "not a regular practice" means that the daily drawing tactic could still be used. Frankly, this sort of thing sound pretty crooked, akin to telephone scams that claim you have "won" something but then make you send money to claim your prize.

Source: Laptop Magazine

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