Microsoft previews Bing Windows 8 app

Microsoft's been hard at work preparing Windows 8 for its final release, and the Bing team today previewed its new Bing app for the operating system's new interface as well as the six Bing-powered apps that will be available for the new operating system at launch.

In a new post on the Bing blog, Microsoft previewed the new Bing app and all six Bing-powered apps (Travel, Weather, Maps, News, Finance and Sports). While the Bing-powered apps have been available for preview, the Bing app has not yet been available to Windows 8 users.

The company touted the speed of the Bing app, which includes features such as "autosuggest, search results, and fluid navigation using tap and swipe," according to the blog post. The app will also include an immersive image search that will show a collage listing of photos in image search results. Selecting an image from those search results will then open a full-screen preview which will include swiping navigation features to flip through image results.

Bing's Windows 8 app will also support the new operating system's sharing feature, allowing users to share search results on their social media profiles. Similarly, the new app will also support Windows 8's snap feature, allowing users to snap the Bing app to one side of the screen and scroll through results while a browser is snapped to the other side, which will allow users to navigate websites without ever leaving their search results instead of navigating back-and-forth between results. 

Source: Bing

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