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Microsoft launches new Bing Chat marketing push to show how to use text prompts

Cartoon Bing Chat

Microsoft has been adding more and more features to its Bing Chat chatbot AI service since it was first announced in February 2023. However, the company hasn't done a lot of mainstream marketing for the service. That changes today with a new campaign that is also designed to give newcomers to Bing Chat some lessons on how to use it to its best potential.

In an email, Microsoft stated that it has seen half a billion chats created by users since the launch., along with over 200 million images made by users with the AI-based art maker Bing Image Creator. It also has seen the use of its Bing mobile app go up by eight times since Bing Chat's launch. It added:

Despite this progress, many people have not yet explored or grasped its full potential. Microsoft’s campaign aims to address this challenge by sparking creativity and curiosity to highlight the new possibilities of asking more fun and compelling questions.

The campaign includes some new videos posted on the Bing YouTube channel. One video shows how users can switch to Bing Chat's creative mode to ask it to write up a "funny bridesmaid speech".

Another video shows how using Bing Chat in Creative Mode can result in learning how to cook an Ube ribeye.

The final video showed perhaps the most interesting use of Bing Chat. In Balanced Mode, the request is to "write a poem about every NBA player with jersey #5".

Microsoft says we can expect more Bing Chat marketing campaigns across various digital and social networking outlets, along with OOH (Out-of-home) platforms.

We recently celebrated the 14th anniversary of the launch of Bing Search, which officially happened on June 3, 2009. At that time, Microsoft had a massive $100 million marketing and advertising campaign to promote the new search engine. It included some rather entertaining TV commercials.

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