Disk Cleaner 1.8.1765 RC1

Disk Cleaner is a free open source (GPL v2) tool to quickly and easily clean your hard disk from temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, and the Recycle Bin. Disk Cleaner is absolutely free from adware and spyware.

It is very easy to use: select the items you would like to clean, press the clean button, and you're done! Despite the ease of use, the extendibility by plug-ins, which in fact are just simple text files, make that Disk Cleaner can also be used by power users to clean specific items. All that is needed to create a simple plug-in is a text editor, such as notepad. If you have any comments, please post them in the forum.


Disk Cleaner was inspired by one of the system tools that can be found in Windows 98. As I was running Windows 95 myself those days, and upgrading my machine to 98 was not an option, I decided to write such a tool myself. However, even now with much more modern versions of Windows, you may find that Disk Cleaner is small, fast and simple and therefore a handy tool to run daily. Its speed stems from the fact that the crucial parts are written with just the plain Windows API, giving high search and remove performance. Disk Cleaner is also entirely self-contained: no other (large) DLLs are necessary to run the application, so it can even be run from a floppy without trouble. Handy to remove your junk from public machines.

Download: Disk Cleaner 1.8.1765 RC1 | 856 KB (Open Source)
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