DivX™ v5.0.2

Thanks Daniel for mailing us this update. DivX are now at 5.0.2

Changelog to 5.0.2: Added several new options to the codec properties dialog that allow users to

tweak settings for smoother playback and improved support for some video cards.

  • Added a "Smooth Playback" option. Turning this off will allow B-frame encoded content to playback with lower CPU usage. However, enabling this option will introduce a 1 frame delay in the decoder (because of buffering), which may cause the last frame of the video to not be displayed.
  • Added a "YUV Extended" mode option. When selected, the codec will attempt to use YV12 mode to decode the video. This is the fastest way to decode DivX content, but the drawback is that brightness/contrast/saturation controls cannot be used in this mode and are disabled.
  • Added an "Overlay Extended" mode. Selecting this will cause the filter to try to display video using the hardware overlay instead of the software overlay.

    The hardware overlay is much faster, but may not be supported on some video cards. When this mode is enabled, DirectShow-based player applications will be unable to open more than one window at a time.

  • Added a "Double Buffering" option. Enabling this will force the video card to allocate a second buffer for the video playback. This will increase the smoothness of the video playback, but may not be supported on low-end video cards with less than 8 MB of RAM.
  • Added a "Film Effect" option. This is a warming filter that when enabled will add film noise to the decoded picture. This may increase the perceived visual quality of the picture, especially if you are used to watching film. It's a personal preference, however, so use it if you want.
  • Added a hidden "Force Color Mode" control. You can manually set the registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareDivXNetworksForce Color Mode" in the Windows Registry and assign it a number from 1 to 7. This will force the video card to use a particular color mode, depending upon the value. This is only necessary in rare circumstances to solve video card problems. Supported color modes:
    • 1: YV12
    • 2: YUY2
    • 3: YUYV
    • 4: RGB32
    • 5: RGB24
    • 6: RGB555
    • 7: RGB565
Download: DivX™ Video Codec v5.0.2 3 versions available, Free / Pro(Adware) & Pro @ US$30

News source: DivX Homepage

View: Whats New (Changelog)

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