DDR Memory Performance Roundup

Cheers Brad of Tweakers Australia for mailing me about their putting 5 sticks of high quality DDR333 and DDR266 to the test in their latest article, DDR Memory Performance Roundup. The article explores the performance each stick has to offer in synchronous 133MHz and 166MHz as well as asynchronous 166MHz modes. Here's a snip:

With DDR memory now in the affordable price range, and motherboard manufacturers phasing out SDRAM on nearly every new board, it looks like DDR is definitely here to stay. Even corporate giant Intel dumped the once-all-mighty RAMBUS, and opted for integration of DDR support into their chipsets and motherboards, only to join forces and rise to power with the P4. Memory manufacturers are doing a good job of producing high-quality RAM for demanding systems and the ever-changing industry, but how do you know what's what on the memory front? There are so many different DDR modules available these days, it's hard to know which one will offer the best performance.

View: DDR Memory Performance Roundup Review

Screenshot: 5 sticks of RAM - w00t!!

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