Duke Nukem Forever to get PC specific improvements

PC owners of the recent first person shooter Duke Nukem Forever will not only be able to download a new DLC pack for the game later this year but will also get some fairly major improvements via an upcoming patch. The details about what will be contained in the patch were revealed this week on the game's official message boards from a rep from the game's developer Gearbox Software.

One of the features of the patch is one that will directly affect gameplay in Duke Nukem Forever' single player mode. Currently players can only carry two weapons at one time in the single player campaign. However the upcoming patch will include " ... a new expanded inventory option that allows you to carry up to four weapons in the single player campaign." This will certainly open up more options for the players to take out the bad guys who are trying to invade Las Vegas and take our chicks.

Other improvements that will be a part of the PC patch will include adding the Valve Anti-Cheat System to Duke Nukem Forever. VAC support is part of the game's Steamworks support. The patch will also include "push-to-talk voice chat, the ability to adjust FOV plus other fixes and improvements that are still being tested." There's no word on when the PC patch will be released. There's also no word on what kinds of improvements are being planned for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

As we reported a few days ago, the first major Duke Nukem Forever DLC pack will be released later this fall. It will add three new gameplay modes and four new multiplayer levels, each with a new weapon, to the game.

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