eBay to implement a corporate bulletin board?

Founder of Craiglist, a company specializing in online bulletin boards, recently revealed in his blog that they are to have partnership with undoubtedly one of the most famous online auction site, eBay. Craiglist been involved in sites focusing on classified ads, finding and meeting new people and even discussion boards just like our very own, in over 45 cities.

Both the companies have mentioned that this will be more of an 'information exchange' partnership, where both the companies will share their learnings and benefit each other. An eBay spokesperson also made it clear that this won't be any sort of a tight partnership deal, but both the companies will be able to keep operating their particular business without interference.

"Their business model and ours are complementary," Durzy said. "The goal is for us to learn more about the classified business model, how it works and where it works.".

Initially that came to me as a strict denial to the fact that ebay won't be implementing Craiglist's skills on their property. However, seeing as how ebay could benefit from Craiglists' past experience with online communities and gain efficiency in sales, will Craiglist, who deals in more than just sales and purchases of goods, be able to gain as much by learning merely from a vast auction site? Especially in the case that they may not be implementing their system on ebay.

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