EBay Users Fight Ongoing Billing Hassles

Fran Weidman has been meticulous about her EBay account while auctioning vintage dolls for the past seven years. So when EBay claimed her account was 60 days past due and barred her from additional listings, she was very surprised. The problem was not with Weidman's account, especially since she has a credit card on file to automatically pay her monthly invoice. It has been a recurring problem for some users since EBay began migrating to a new billing system earlier this year.

She's not alone, and at least one customer is taking to the streets in protest. EBay is aware of the ongoing problems, says Hani Durzy, an EBay spokesperson. "We continue to work on addressing the glitches that have come up since we implemented the new billing system," he says. EBay will not comment on what may be causing them or how many users may be affected. "Our technical team is aware of what's causing many of the problems," he says, but declines to specify further.

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News source: PCWorld

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