Edge on iOS and Android won't use the EdgeHTML engine

Microsoft announced today that it would be bringing its Edge browser to iOS and Android devices, but it seems that the EdgeHTML engine that powers Edge on Windows 10 won’t be ported to the mobile platforms.

In a blog post, Sean Lyndersay, Principal Lead Program Manager for Microsoft Edge said:

A web platform is a complex piece of technology that in many respects duplicates aspects of an entire operating system in a single app. Part of our strategy with EdgeHTML is to build an engine that, instead of replicating (and, in some senses, competing with) the underlying platform, integrates and works with it to deliver the best possible security, accessibility, battery life, interactivity, just pure raw performance on that platform. […] Taken in that light, it should then not be a surprise that we have chosen to adopt the core web platform technologies on each of the app platforms we are announcing today.

Edge on iOS will use the WebKit engine utilizing the WKWebView control in iOS, identical to Apple’s Safari browser; Edge on Android, however, will utilize the Blink rendering engine from the Chromium project, rather than Android’s WebView control.

As Microsoft will be shipping its own version of the Blink rendering engine on Android, a few modifications can be expected. However, the company does state that, as far as compatibility is concerned, it should be identical to the latest version of Chrome available on Android.

Source: Windows Blog

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