EE's Stay Connected will keep you online after your data allowance runs out

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EE has announced that it will allow users to stay online after using up their monthly allowance of data. Rather than being completely cut off from the net, eligible customers will still have a 0.5Mbps data connection which is good enough to send and receive messages, check emails or access online map services.

The new Stay Connected data will be available from July 7th across Smart and Essential Pay Monthly handset plans and SIM-only plans. This data lifeline should help the 41% of the public who say that they use up their monthly data allowance before the end of the month on a regular basis. Customers that want the full-speed data connection back can still buy a data add-on.

EE has also announced that NHS workers, who have been receiving unlimited data, will get a faster version of Stay Connected after depleting their monthly usage. Their download speeds will be capped at 2Mbps and they’ll receive 20% off their monthly price plan – this discount can also be shared with up to four friends and family members.

NHS workers that want their phone repairing will also receive fast-track service from EE so they can get back to their vital work more quickly. Any NHS workers that want these perks will need a valid NHS email address or NHS photo ID. Those who have already signed up for the existing unlimited data offer will be automatically enrolled on the new offer.

Finally, the firm said that it’s finally rolling out 4G and WiFi Calling to pay as you go customers. The rollout, which should be complete by mid-August, will allow users to make and receive calls automatically when they have a WiFi connection. WiFi Calling and 4G Calling will improve the sound quality of the call but customers will still be charged as if the call was a typical phone call.

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