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Elon Musk announces his own AI company to 'understand the true nature of the universe'

Elon Musks new AI company

Elon Musk has launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) company called xAI. Previously, Musk stated that his new company's goal is to develop more transparent and accountable AI that can better work with humans. In the latest tweet, he added that the new AI will "understand the true nature of the universe."

xAI is still early, but Musk has already made some big hires. The company's chief executive officer is Ilya Sutskever, a former research director at OpenAI. Other key hires include Igor Babuschkin and Manuel Kroiss, who worked on Google's DeepMind project.

The xAI team has announced an event on July 14, where they will be hosting a Twitter Spaces discussion to engage with their audience. This interactive session allows listeners to connect with the team directly.

As stated on its website, the company operates as a separate project from Musk's overarching X Corp. Still, it collaborates closely with "X (Twitter), Tesla, and other affiliated companies."

On the other hand, Musk has been a vocal critic of the potential dangers of AI, and he has warned that AI could pose an existential threat to humanity. However, he also believes that AI has the potential to do great good, and he is committed to developing AI that is safe and beneficial.

xAI's focus on transparency and accountability is a key part of Musk's vision for safe AI. The company plans to develop AI systems to explain its decisions to humans and be held accountable for their actions.

Elon Musk is also one of the three co-founders of OpenAI. However, he is no longer associated with the company. He previously said, "I came up with the name and I am the reason that OpenAI exists.". Musk claimed the non-profit startup wouldn't have come to where it is today without his instrumental role.

xAI also said it is actively looking for new employees. "We are actively recruiting experienced engineers and researchers to join our team as members of our technical staff in the Bay Area," wrote in the company's website.

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