Everquest II expands again and again

IGN is reporting that once again Sony Online Entertainments MMORPG Everquest II will be getting its third expansion on November 14th of this year. But that's not all! SOE also announced that coming in June will be the third adventure pack for the MMO as well.



"Echoes of Faydwer" is the title of the new expansion, and thankfully adds content that all players can see and use. Players level 1-70 can take part in the new offerings, which include a whopping 350 brand new quests, a new playable race - The Fae and to coincide with the new race, a new starting area called Kelethin. Also begin added are brand new Profession Hats and Armor, over 20 new adventure zones, and 40 new monsters to battle. Guild levels are being raised from 50 to 60 in the expansion as well. As I said, the best part about this new content is that anyone can use it, so new players and veteran players alike can enjoy the content.


The new adventure pack, titled "The Fallen Dynasty" will offer content geared toward the veteran player. As such the content included in the pack will be for players level 55 to 70 and includes all new weapons and armor, new quests and adventure zones. The adventure pack will have an Asian flair to it, so I'm sure we can look forward to some interesting monster and zone designs.


Echoes of Faydwer will retail for $39.99 US and be available on November 14th of this year as I stated earlier. The Fallen Dynasty will be available for digital download only in June for $7.99 US.


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