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Biren informs us that eMagine has released a new product called EyeBud. Designed for Apple's oh-so-popular iPod Video, the device gives users a wearable video display (see picture).

For the price of two iPods ($600), users will be able to experience video on the iPod as if it were on a 105" screen, 12 feet away. The EyeBud also comes with a separate power pack and control module. It's not all smiles, however. EyeBud wearers, rather than maintaining the Apple chic, do face the risk of looking like the Borg.

EyeBuds aside, perhaps of more interesting iPod accessory news is information from iLounge suggesting that FM transmitters, currently illegal in the UK, could soon become legal. FM transmitters can be plugged into iPods to allow them to play music in cars, via the car radio. OFCOM, the UK regulator for communications, has been working with companies to find a legal way of producing devices such as Griffin's iTrip; compliant devices could be available later this year.

News source: iLounge

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