Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledges to cut back on Candy Crush notifications

Anyone who has had a Facebook account might have probably already experienced the agony of receiving endless notifications regarding an invite to the game Candy Crush Saga, which debuted on the website in 2013. In light of this, in a recent Q&A session in the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to finally control the notifications people get regarding the match-3 game, especially for those who have never even played it.

In a report by Mic, an audience member expressed her annoyance about constantly getting notifications about the game, and asked the Facebook boss how she can stop seeing them for good. Zuckerberg replied, saying, "I sent a message to the person who runs the team in charge of our developer platform, and I said that by the time I do this town hall Q&A, it would be good if we had a solution to this problem."

He further stated that there are some outdated developer tools which allows active players of Candy Crush Saga to send invitations to people who don't even play the game, or to those who don't even play games on Facebook at all. This now results to continuous bombardment of users' notification centers, asking them if they want to play along.

Resolving this issue according to Zuckerberg was formerly not a priority. "We hadn't prioritized shutting that down, we just had other priorities. But if this is the top thing that people care about, we'll prioritize that and do it," he said, leading to the crowd's applause.

The Facebook CEO however did not specify a timeframe for the feature's implementation.

Source: Mic

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