Facebook experiencing widespread issues; down for some

It seems a lot of sites are having issues this week, first with Amazon EC2 being struck by lightning in Dublin, as well as Microsoft BPOS briefly going down. Then, yesterday EC2 in the US also had issues causing major issues for sites around the world.

Now, it looks like Facebook is having major issues with their site, with some users reporting the service is not accessible at all, and others saying that pages are only partially loading for them. Twitter is being flooded with messages from users complaining of the errors. However, some users are still able to access their accounts without issue, which means the issue is likely isolated to a specific datacenter or set of datacenters. 

Down Right Now reports that the site went down a few hours ago for some, with around 5,000 unique reports from Twitter indicating issues. It appears those who are able to gain access are seeing other issues such as not being able to "like" posts and the ability to update their status not working.

Update: Facebook just updated their official page saying;

Update: Facebook also reports that the developer API's are taking up to three times longer to respond.

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