Facebook for Android hits 2.0, speed improvements inbound

If you own an Android tablet or smartphone, you most likely use the Facebook app. You also have likely experienced some frustration in using the current version of the app since it relies in part on web-based HTML5 code. As a result, it can take a while to bring up things such as the news feed and photos on the app.

That should end later today. In a post on Facebook's website, the company announced that its Android app would be upgraded to version 2.0 which it states is twice as fast as the current version. It says:

When you’re on your phone, nothing matters more than getting what you want quickly. We're always working to make our apps faster, and in this update we've rebuilt news feed, notifications and Timeline for speed.

The post adds that people will now be able to view pictures in Facebook "right away" with the new Android app and browse Facebook photo albums while still checking out the news feed for updated posts.

While Facebook's news post doesn't mention ditching the HTML5 code, Tech Crunch reports Facebook made the decision several months ago to do away with the web-based part of the Android app. Facebook previously released an updated iOS port of its app that no longer used HTML5 and its performance also got a big speed boost as a result.

Source: Facebook | Image via Facebook

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