FBI to get veto power over PC software?

The Federal Communications Commission has decided that you have the right to use software on your computer only if the FBI approves.

No, really. In an obscure "policy" document released around 9 p.m. ET last Friday, the FCC announced this remarkable decision.

According to the three-page document, to preserve the openness that characterizes today's Internet, "consumers are entitled to run applications and use services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement."

While we all know that there are enough illegal activities happening on the Internet, which is characterized by the act -not the software, this puts the tools used for illegal activity at risk as a criminal offense, just by having them installed!

Ironically where federal law states that it is the policy of the United States to preserve a free market for Internet services "unfettered by federal or state regulation," the FCC seems to of ignored this decision by Congress. Unbelievable.

View: FCC Policy doument | US Code (See Point (B) Policy (2)) PDF Documents

View: CNet Article (Thanks MrCobra for the link)

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