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Final Fantay XIV and Monster Hunter: World crossover trailer revealed

If you ever thought the universe within Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV was too limited for you, or if Capcom's Monster Hunter: World just didn't do it for you in terms of gameplay, there's good news to be had.

That's right, the two games have been mashed together into a pulpy mix, giving us what Square Enix and Capcom wants us to think is the best of both worlds, quite literally.

This has probably been in the works for a while, given we're already in the middle of Final Fantasy XV's release cycle, and that XIV is a title from 2013, but that's unlikely to be a deterrent for fans looking for a different flavor of existing Final Fantasy content.

There's not much else to speak of on this front, as little has been revealed in the trailer beyond a small amount of the game's visuals, but the mashup's website does throw us a bone in the form of some special content for those who've reached level 70 and have completed the main storyline in the Stormblood expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV.

The game is set to see a summer release later this year.

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